Artist Statement

My work steps away from the sensory overload of everyday technological inundation and moves toward an immersion in the meditative qualities of simple color, texture, line, and form. With an awareness of the speed at which things are changing around us, I find it of utmost importance to embrace the future while learning and evolving, yet always maintain a connection and reverence for the past and what it has provided. The precision of the process and the treatment of the materials used in my work reflect the importance placed on the craftsmanship of traditional handmade objects and the incorporation of personal stories and themes through visual abstraction. This influence comes from exposure to elements of my Peruvian heritage and from favorite Contemporary artists. It was further developed through my experiences during a year spent in Estonia, with its rich culture, history, and prominence of native crafts. While echoing aesthetics of the past, the materials, shapes, and overall compositions in my art are inherently embedded with Contemporary influence. My recent work consists of carved and painted abstract, wooden sculptures that reflect the significance of nature, heritage, and memories in my life. The sculptures offer a reminder of the sacred qualities of nature and the importance of our harmonious coexistence with it.   - KP

Untitled , From the  Estonia: Common Threads  series, Digital photograph, 2017

Untitled, From the Estonia: Common Threads series, Digital photograph, 2017