2019 | Of a Sacred Nature

This body of work was created in fulfillment of the requirements for an M.F.A. in Painting from Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah, GA).

“My thesis explores the importance of memories, heritage, and the sacred role of nature in my creative process. With influences ranging from vivid Peruvian artifacts to Modern and Contemporary artists, I create sculptures made of found wood and dimensional lumber, which I use as a substrate for colorful, abstract designs. The main content in my work comes from outdoor adventures throughout my life, some relating to recent time spent living in Estonia and traveling through Europe. The intent of my work is to encourage the viewer to step away from technology and immerse themselves in a nature-themed art environment. These types of experiences offer an important and therapeutic balance in a screen-dominated world” (Pluskota, Kim. Of a Sacred Nature, M.F.A. Thesis Paper. 2019).

Loom , Wood and acrylic paint, 12x126x22in, 2019

Loom, Wood and acrylic paint, 12x126x22in, 2019


Reception for Of a Sacred Nature (photos by J’Marcus Amerson-Bell)